When we discovered this property in Regnie-Durette, we decided to take the plunge in this family adventure.
The wine estate, steeped in history for more than 250 years, charmed us by its old stones, its wooded setting and ancient arched cellars, its winery and adjoining vineyards. Everything was there to combine our wine project and our family life.
The Capreoles Estate was created in July 2014. The 5.5 hectares of vineyards are implanted like a garden around the buildings, enjoying an exceptional view of the two bell towers of the village.

The word “Capreoles” comes from the Old French and means vine tendrils. We chose this name for all it symbolizes: the reference to History and Tradition, the natural support allowing vertical growth of the vine but also the idea of relationship we want to establish with those who appreciate our work.


Located on a south-facing slope, our vines surround the buildings of the estate.


Two major types of soil compose our vineyards but only one original bedrock: Granite.
The vine growing on granitic soils is possible if there are cracks (diaclases). By allowing water infiltration, these fractures progressively promote natural weathering of the rock.

Depending on the level of granite alteration, soils are either superficial with presence of many surface stones, or deeper with a very sandy surface appearance.
Thanks to these real particularities, our soils offer the possibility of numerous selections by plots.

Gamay is a delicate and subtle grape variety which can be qualified such as fruity, complex or structured. Descendant of Pinot Noir and Gouais Blanc, it has the same qualities of these both varieties. Control of yields is thus the key for great Gamay wines. To fully express its character and exist in the world of great wines, Gamay prefers low fertility soils (such as granitic sands) and needs essential care.


With the vines planted for over 80 years and the booming younger ones, the estate Les Capreoles has a wide potential to singularly and remarkably express all the richness of its exceptional terroir.


Agronomist and oenologist, Cedric has enriched his know-how in the wine sector for nearly 15 years before achieving his dream and create with his family “Les Capreoles”.
Native of Auvergne, Cedric has been facing the excellence of the great wines of Languedoc. By sharing his life with Catherine, his wife native of Beaujolais, he gradually adopts this new identity to finally settle there in family.

Our philosophy: great grapes for great wines!

A set of many details such as plowing, pruning, leaf removal and green harvest, the use of clean products and observation, contribute to achieve great grapes in terms of quality and ripeness. A real passion of vine.
From vine to wine, each step provides new challenges to face in order to express all the essence of our terroir.
But what a satisfaction!