Organic, biodiversity, terroir respect, fully ripe grapes, plot selection

We daily do our best to implement values dear to us : RESPECT, EXCELLENCE, CONVIVIALITY, PASSION.
Like in our family life, these values are our bases to develop and make known our estate. This includes simple but essential things like our decision of an organic vine-growing.

This organic culture is certainly more demanding than conventional one. We must be much more attentive to health and work of the soils, vine needs and climatic conditions, etc.
Each action should be well-thought out in order to be carried out effectively, while respecting the specificities of each terroir.

Become a father changes life...
We do not consider the future by the same way and some awarness allow us to evolve and progress...


Better respecting the Living and the Environment, stimulating biodiversity, preserving natural ressources and maintaining soil health… The knowledge of soils and the respect of their nature and needs are essential to express the full potential of the terroir. Maintaining organic matter is the key issue on sandy soils. That is why you will always see a little grass in our vineyards: no weeded or lunar soils but living soils guaranteing healthy vines.
To express all its potential, physiology of vine must be respected.
From November to March, our Gamay vinas are pruned in Gobelet. This step allows limiting fertility, arranging well-spaced clusters. To allow ploughing, the vine form must be slightly modified so that the ploughshare can slalom between plants without snagging. We have also to consolidate these “old grannies” and protect the young plants with many wooden stakes to prevent them from being uprooted during plowing.


The green works are essential and contribute to this quest for excellence in quality and ripeness of the grapes.
Disbudding, lifting, leaf removing or green harvesting have a single goal: produce healthy grapes that can be harvested at full phenolic ripeness.
Accurate knowledge of soils and observation of the vineyards allow the selection of different microplots and give to wines distinct features. Nine different sectors can be defined on our 5.5 hectares. A staggered harvest followed by some specific winemaking for each parcel contribute to the creation of exceptional wines.
The more or less long maturation of wines in barrels finalizes their character and complexity.


Great wines are appreciated only if they are shared! That is why we are always pleased to welcome and show you the estate, to make taste our wines at the cellar and to discover new organoleptic pleasures.
Other projects are underway to develop the conviviality and share with you our passion…

Let us a little more time.


Of course it is the keyword of our adventure. Vine passion, passion for great wines, passion to share new experiences with other winemakers and learn always more, passion to discover new sensations, passion to initiate new lovers or taste with the more experienced.

The greatest achievements are always done by passion!

If you put your heart in achieving your project, if passion drives you and that nothing can stop you, there will success. Mathieu Thomas