Our daughter Margot loved finding “cossinelles” (ladybird / coccinelle) in our vineyards on the eve of our first harvest in 2014. This fresh and colorful childish name seemed perfect to reflect the spirit of our rosé.

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The combination of traditional carbonic maceration with a part a de-stemmed grapes contributes to create this fruity Regnie whom you will remember by its silky tannins and impressive mouthfeel.

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Produced by our oldest vine parcels and sublimated in oak barrels, this vintage offers a great aromatic complexity driven by a solid but very silky structure.

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Sous la Croix

You guess from where the grapes of this wine come… just under the Croix Penet!

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L’Amourgandise reveales all the greed procured by the Gamay on the terroir of Lantignié.

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The cuvée Hydrophobe from the Capreoles is born during the vintage of 2017 following the violent summer hail storms.

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